Case study

Tucker Real Estate

Business overview

Hailing from South Coast NSW, Andrea Tucker, of Tucker Real Estate, has been in the real estate industry for more than 18 years.

Her organically grown real estate agency was built on a foundation of strong ethics and the “business of being human”. Andrea offers her clients an honest, open and pro-active approach that makes every step of the buying and selling process as simple as possible.

Success with lawlab

Andrea says her business’s qualities have been lifted to new heights since partnering with lawlab.

Trumping ‘gazumping’!

Andrea explained that on a number of occasions Tucker Real Estate had fallen victim to gazumping – the process whereby a buyer makes a higher offer for a house than someone whose offer has already been accepted by the seller, thus succeeding in acquiring the property. “Before partnering with lawlab if we had an external buyer, by the time we set contracts up for them, got them signed and posted in the mail, two weeks may have passed. That’s a lot of time to not know for sure whether a sale has been made and on many occasions this left us wide open to gazumping.” She said that through lawlab the issue of gazumping has been eradicated.

“What I love about lawlab is that we can say we’ve got a buyer in the city – a minimum three hour drive away for us – and they respond with ‘let’s sign the contracts today’!”

She says the contracts can be organised and authorised remotely with the originals sent later in the mail.

“Lawlab make the process simple and takes all the guess work out.”

Andrea said that given their somewhat remote location lawlab always have a solution.

“Nothing’s ever too hard for lawlab – any issue is easily resolved, quickly and efficiently. There’s always someone on the other end of the phone ready to help.”

Enhancing the ethics and credibility of the profession

A key feature of the lawlab service that Andrea said she can’t live without is the transparency the company brings to the entire conveyancing process:

“Lawlab keeps everyone informed. Through innovative software we can see the progress of each of our sales in real time and so can our clients.”

Andrea explained how transparent client visibility has played a major role in enhancing the reputation of her business as well as the real estate profession as a whole:

“There’s often criticism placed on agents through a perception that we wipe our hands clean once a sale is locked in. It’s been so valuable for clients to be able to have a behind the scenes look into what we do. When clients are privy to this insight they see the money they spend is well worth it – matching the effort from our side as agents.”

Andrea explained how through lawlab all parties are actively engaged until the end:

“Keeping the clients involved in every step has added so much value to our service. No longer do they have to follow up and check on the status of sales. In turn, we aren’t chasing conveyancers asking for an update – it’s saving us hours and hours each week.”

Lawlab's top 3 features

Document sharing

The fact that you can upload/download documents and there's a conversation history you can follow has been critical to changing the way conveyancing is traditionally done.


Getting documents signed and through is so important in the process. Rundl really helps from a communications tools perspective – allowing for transparency and a timely turnaround of all relevant documents.

Responsive and efficient property lawyers

lawlab have the 'right' property lawyers who communicate 24/7, providing us with information and keeping us in the loop. Continuing this standard of resourcing will be instrumental as the company grows.

Simplicity for clients and agents alike

Andrea outlined how many of her clients are elderly, often in their 80s and 90s, and how the use of lawlab technology hasn’t been a barrier.

“Everybody is on emails these days – even our elderly cliental. They quite happily navigate through lawlab’s software to find out what’s going on with their sale as it happens. It’s really so simple to use.”

She explained that the support from the lawlab team in the switch to the new approach has been invaluable.

“Any reservations I had with trying something different were never thought of again after using the software. There’s always someone at the other end to clarify our questions.”

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